Covid-19 – an Update

In 2021, I wrote how the world was turned upside down by a pandemic

Little were we to know, even a year ago there was barely a glimpse of its impact

Whilst things are starting to settle down, Covid-19 is still very much here. True, vaccines have lessened its impact, but I feel as if our lives are now split into pre and post Covid

I suspect it will take a long time for us to recover. For a cough due to long standing issues with pleghm not to stand people scurrying. Colds and flu will still be here, it is naive to think people will not still sneeze, cough and fall ill to these things

In the meantime, there are many pluses that have come from this. The housebound now have the ability to join the Eucharist online. Those previously isolated are now connected

The psychological impact will last a lot longer, depression will be worse, anxiety will appear in those previously unafflicted.

All we can do is take each day as it comes, and live the best we can. If we struggle, be honest, be open. If you meet someone struggling and you feel OK that day, then take the time and listen, sometimes that’s all it takes, to lift the head and heart, and journey on