If I Listen, All Will be Well

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If I listen
I hear you calling my name
Yes, if I listen
My life will never be the same

God of my journey
Be by my side
To heal, protect
Love and guide

Let your love
Pour over my thirsty land
Speak in the rain
Of Your love
Help me understand

That life is a journey
And I’m not alone
There are others who travel
And some who have gone on before

Talk to me softly
Of a love that endures
Father of creation
I am utterly yours

My peace is only present
If you are near
Every tear
Wiped away

My life is yours
You gave it to me
I offer it freely
Help me
Not to try and take It back
When storms threaten
And fear
Knocks at my door

Tell me in the breeze
Of Your Holy constancy
Love me when I am near
Or far away
My day is lost
Without You by my side

All I need to know
Is I am Yours
My God
And all will be well
All things
Will be well

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