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A Voice Made of Wood and Steel

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Isn’t it strange? When we struggle to pray, silence robs our expression

And here you are

I put you in a bag, leave you aside

Why do I do that?

You are my voice when words falter

Wood and steel

Strings that ring, calling me to whisper my needs to you

Wood resonates, and the words unbidden echo

In my soul

Like the melodies from you

need a voice

yours helps me find it

Your presence
Makes me feel less abandoned
I’m not really sure

I just know
When I hold you in my hands
And you sing
I feel alive

Covid has stolen my expression
But yours still sings
Teach me
How to echo
Your melody
And begin
To remember


A Modern Prodigal – Dare I Hope?

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The road is long
And I’m so weary
I Long for home
And the love left behind

Can I dare hope
That I will be heard
My heart is spent
I must repent
And come to rest

Could I dare He could forgive
And once more I could live
For existing is all I do
Without my God
My life means nothing

Yet broken, torn
I’m straining to see
Those open arms
Ever stretched wide
Reaching out
For me

Could I dare
How could I return?
When all my sins
Burn scarlet
In front of my eyes

I am so lost
I have nothing left to prove
Nothing left to prove
But a stubborn heart
And a foolish heart

For alone I fear the night
That stalks my dreams
Sometimes it seems
The dawn will never come

So, yes, I will go
Return once more
To the arms of my Father
Repenting my stubborn heart
And my foolish pride

For no matter what I do
Or how I fall
He is my all-in-all
For He is love
And love is all
His children