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Time in a Bottle

If I could
Grab time in a bottle
Treasure it
Hold it
Keep it with me
As I return

Would it work?
Or do we have to
let it go
and journey along the road ahead

If I could
Tale this peace
Keep it safe
For when the storms of life

Could I,
Should I
Or should I
Let it go
And let God
Be God?


There are times
and places
And faces
Bidding us

Life is so busy,
we forget the room
so messy
For such a guest

the One who knocks
on the door of the heart
Cares not
About messiness
Or brokeness

I hear the words
“It’s OK,
to be broken”

Yet, all too soon
The solace, and the rest
Tunes our heart
Into divine life
And leaving
and transformed

Life, job, caregiving
Losing, loving, gaining, giving
Are all transformed
and shine
in the glory of God the Father

Transfigured like the Son
Blest by the Spirit
God incarnate, three in One

Teach us to see
The way life shines
Tune our hearts
Into thine
So we may be transformed
And place your shine
in our lives


Such a small word
Evoking stillness
Yet yearning
It reaches towards itself

transforms us
bring us onwards
and takes us out of ourselves

Yet, it whispers
The trees as they sway
The joy of the forest
The trickle of the stream
Ever present
Yet elusive

Grant us ears
To hear Your peace
Grant us a heart
Open to You
Watching and waiting
Listening for the echoes
And the message
Of peace

Dare You?

Dare you?
Walk on water
To reach me?

Dare you
Let go of the wariness
Dogging every footstep?

Dare you
Move on
Following me
Into the unknown?

Could you
Leave the boat behind
Change a fearful mind
Into one of faith?

Could you dare
Not to count the cost?
That which is lost
Cannot be retrieved

So, hold My hand
and walk with Me
to a new land

Where love is eternal
And banishes all fear
Where the love of God
Wipes every tear
From a frightened child’s eyes

And lead them on in love
And grant Him His peace
and the chains of broken, frightened souls
are shattered
And the heart
Finds its true release

And the song that it sings
To the King
Hung on Calvary’s tree
Risen to set us free
Bids us welcome

To the feast divine
Bread and wine
Flesh divine

Invited all
Rich and poor
Come and eat
Come and drink
Come and live
When you give
Your heart to me


How I feel
When love so real
Seems so far away

I’m so tired
Weary to my bones

I see you
Hanging on a cross of love
Broken too, I understand
The cost of loving
Of living
Of constantly giving

Grant me rest
And bid me welcome
The cross, though not pleasing
to a wordly eye
Speaks, by and by
Of love stretching through eternity

Remind me
when I’m spent
Beyond myself
That I can rest
I I sit
Beneath Calvary’s tree

The song of forgiveness
Freely given
Bids us welcome
Heals our soul
Fills our heart

With such rejoicing
The love pours forth
To a needy world
Of spent people
Broken people
Needing to heal

The cross beckons
and whispers
“Welcome home”

This is My Chance

This is my chance
To speak
A weak, wounded soul

Beyond their own strength
Alive, but barely so
Spiritually bereft

Questions unspoken
Find their home in you
Often unexpected
Whisper softly
Of His love for you

Still now,
Let your frenzied heart
Be still
And listen
As He murmurs
Of everlasting love
For you

Could you imagine
The love that can bring you life
The one who breathed life
Into empty bones
Can fill your wounded heart
With peace

Cease the war
Not needed
The battle is not yours
To fight
For love
Has already won

There are things
You can’t change
The time and the seasons
The rhymes and the reasons
The rhythmn of your soul
Beating in time
With My Sacred Heart

So journey on
Yesterday gone
Behold I make all things new
Even you
So trust me
Take My hand
And journey forth
With Me

Come with Me

Come with me
Walk with me
When the road seems long
You can’t go on
Hear my song
As I walk with you
Journey on
As I talk to you
And the fear you feel
That seems so real
Will go

I am the echoes in the night
Whispering its alright
I know broken
Words unspoken
Heal wounded memories
Just beside me
Let me guide you
As we journey on

What of tomorrow?
That has yet to arrive
Yesterday has gone
And alive
We savour
Every minute
As we journey on

Remind me Lord
When I’m tired
Wearied by a burden
I’ve carried too long

It’s OK
To drop the load
And rest awhile
Before we journey on

And at journey’s end
I, saviour, Lord and friend
Will come and greet you
As you
Come home
To me


I’ve been so long
on overdrive
I’ve forgotten
Where my brake is

It’s amazing
How quickly you step up
Yet how rarely
You step down

No wonder
I’m tired
And sleep won’t come

Remind me
the mountain and stream still exist
even when I hurtle past

Give me space
teach me how to slow down
find a lower gear
and hear
You talk to me

in whispers, in silence
With the cares of the world
In Your hands
Where they belong