My Voice

Is my voice
The choice
I make
To sing
To you

Where is the heart
That pledged
To serve you

The night came
And all light
I cried out
In the night

Where are you

I am lost
The cost
Of loving

Sometimes seems
A price too costly
To pay

I could not live
Without love
The ebb and flow
In harmony
With my own heartbeat

Help me
Draw away
From the darkness
Gather my life
From the flotsam
The jetsam
The wreckage
Of my heart

For such is the price
For love
Without measure
A treasure
Beyond compare

When rage
Takes hold
Pulling me downwards
Hear my cry

Be with me
Rescue me

Give me strength
Give me peace
Give me hope

But most of all
Give me your love

Without love
I am dead
A shadow
A ghost

Moving through the world
Without purpose
Breathing but not living
You gave me breath

And a heart
To love

When fear
Grips me
Squeezes my heart
Help me call
For I know
You alone
Can loosen its grip

And bid me come
And fall
Into your arms
Into your heart
And be one
In you