Silver Moon

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How can I
You have abandoned me
You never have

Why do I
get lost in the shadows
forgetting the sun
when I enter the night
It’s so easy
When the silver
Of the moon
Is the owner of the light

Simple things
Grow daunting
Like the money spider
Into a tarantula
When the sun goes down

Help me remember
You are ever there
There is nothing
About fear you don’t understand
About loneliness
You can’t comprehend

Do I lose heart
When the going gets tough?
Am I like Peter
Jumping out of the boat
Safe looking at you
When the waves come
Soaking my feet
I fear
I shake
I sink
As he did

Save me
Tell me
It’s safe now

To let go
To relinquish control
For the watchman
Is off-duty

Yet for so long
that’s what I was
being strong
for others

Now, being strong
Is too much
Like a battle weary soldier
Too tired to fight on
Yet too restless
To find true peace

Whisper to me
My God
In the still of the night
Put those fears to flight
Teach me
It’s OK
to let go

To surrender
and rest
in your arms

all I have to do
is be content
in you

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