God of Love

God of love
Call me out
Of my daily life
Bid me rest 
At end of day

For your love
Is ever near
I can often hear
You call my name
The patter of the rain
Calls my name

When fear beckons
As I journey through each day
Whisper to my heart
The words that tell me
Of your love
Stronger than death
Closer than my breath
Holding my heart
Next to yours

And when night falls
Like a cloak
Fear stalks
On the prowl
For the unwary
Remind me 
That I am in your care
Your love is there
Holding me close
Till morning comes

Love me
Morning, noon, night
Remind me that your sight
Is ever near
And I am in your gaze

Nothing should I fear
For you are near
My rod, my staff
My heart is in your hands