Night Falls

Night falls once more
And fills the silence
The depth of night
Touches my soul
I am alone
Yet He is beside
The heart that beats
The love that waits
Is for Him alone

Bid me, Lord, come
When the deepest night surrounds
And the echoing sounds
Disturb my sleep

Bid me listen to your voice
That speaks of mercy
And tells of a love
Vaster than time

An endless tale
Told countless times
To those who fear
And ever near
You hold our hearts

You hold our hearts

Yes in our darkness you are the brightest light
And in our woundedness, you heal our soul
Give us Your Spirit
Grant us your peace
For we are lost
Yet the cost 
Of our freedom was paid

By a love that is eternal
And a heart that ever lives
To beat in time
With our own
Come, Holy Spirit touch us now
Heal our souls
And soothe our angry hearts
To make us whole

Soothe our hearts
And cool our anger
Speak once again
To a wounded child
Remind us Lord,
That you are Father
And we are yours

Yes, we are yours
When rich or poor
Whole or wounded
Love us Father
Love us once more