The Road

The road is long
And weary steps I tread
For so long, my feet felt like lead
Yet, I know where I go
And am going to be

Where the water
Meets the sky
Where my soul can fly
Away from her

It fell dark
So quickly
And losing my way
I fell

The ground was hard
And I could tell
This is not the place
I want to be

I hold your staff
In my hand
And the land before me
Seems vast

It beckons me
Yet in that expanse
That silence
Stills my voice

Bids me hear the voice of calm
Echoing after the storm
“You are not alone”

“I am with you
Hold out your hand
Place it in mine
For I am yours
And you are mine”

Hold me close
Remind me who I am
Who you are
And bid the storm in my heart