Dare You?

Dare you?
Walk on water
To reach me?

Dare you
Let go of the wariness
Dogging every footstep?

Dare you
Move on
Following me
Into the unknown?

Could you
Leave the boat behind
Change a fearful mind
Into one of faith?

Could you dare
Not to count the cost?
That which is lost
Cannot be retrieved

So, hold My hand
and walk with Me
to a new land

Where love is eternal
And banishes all fear
Where the love of God
Wipes every tear
From a frightened child’s eyes

And lead them on in love
And grant Him His peace
and the chains of broken, frightened souls
are shattered
And the heart
Finds its true release

And the song that it sings
To the King
Hung on Calvary’s tree
Risen to set us free
Bids us welcome

To the feast divine
Bread and wine
Flesh divine

Invited all
Rich and poor
Come and eat
Come and drink
Come and live
When you give
Your heart to me