Instrumental Music and Poetry – a Different Perspective

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For most people, an instrumental peice of music is relaxing, a chance to zone out.

For me, certainly for quite a few peices, instrumental music clicks a switch and words pour out. Most of the time, I can’t keep up with it. Tonight was no exception, I think I broke my standing record of 5 one after the other, I think it was 6

After 30+ years of writing, I should be used to it happening, but certainly that number, always catches me by surprise.

The strangest experience has been that, lately, I don’t really feel the poetry the way I used to. Those who know me know of the fraught time March 2010 to September 2011 was. Suffice it to say the family was pummeled with illness and my dad didn’t make it out, he died 3 March 2011 and life literally has never been the same

The six poems are here on the site and are listed below. Just click on the name of the poem you want to read and it will take you to it.

Author of My Life
Pour Your Gifts
Blest Are They
Night Falls
God of Love

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