Pour Your Gifts

Dance Lord in our midst
Send your Spirit
Touch our lives

Pour your gifts over us
Like oil
Touch our brokenness
And teach us
Of joy

And peace surpassing understanding
Joy without end
Teach us the melody
Of a song without end

Love us, as you loved us into birth
Guide us in our journey
As we live upon the earth

Love us as we wander
And return home to you
For you are eternal
Ever old, and ever new

A constant in a world ever changing
A world born anew each day
The constant voice calling
Showing us the way

The song of the birds
The joy of the earth
Revelling in the love
That is constantly coming to birth

We are part of the story
Each has a part to play
Blest, loved, forgiven
As we journey 
On our pilgrim way

Teach us Holy Spirit
Paraclete blest
Of the love that is our Father
And the Son that is blest

For our breath is yours
Our heart beats for you
Father, Son, Spirit
Love born anew

For you are our Lord
Ever old, ever new
And you
Are the reason
We are travelling
To you