Come with Me

Come with me
Walk with me
When the road seems long
You can’t go on
Hear my song
As I walk with you
Journey on
As I talk to you
And the fear you feel
That seems so real
Will go

I am the echoes in the night
Whispering its alright
I know broken
Words unspoken
Heal wounded memories
Just beside me
Let me guide you
As we journey on

What of tomorrow?
That has yet to arrive
Yesterday has gone
And alive
We savour
Every minute
As we journey on

Remind me Lord
When I’m tired
Wearied by a burden
I’ve carried too long

It’s OK
To drop the load
And rest awhile
Before we journey on

And at journey’s end
I, saviour, Lord and friend
Will come and greet you
As you
Come home
To me