This is My Chance

This is my chance
To speak
A weak, wounded soul

Beyond their own strength
Alive, but barely so
Spiritually bereft

Questions unspoken
Find their home in you
Often unexpected
Whisper softly
Of His love for you

Still now,
Let your frenzied heart
Be still
And listen
As He murmurs
Of everlasting love
For you

Could you imagine
The love that can bring you life
The one who breathed life
Into empty bones
Can fill your wounded heart
With peace

Cease the war
Not needed
The battle is not yours
To fight
For love
Has already won

There are things
You can’t change
The time and the seasons
The rhymes and the reasons
The rhythmn of your soul
Beating in time
With My Sacred Heart

So journey on
Yesterday gone
Behold I make all things new
Even you
So trust me
Take My hand
And journey forth
With Me