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So Often

So often
We miss the sound
Of trees
In the wind
The patter
Of the rain
On the pavements

Are we so blind
Behind the walls
The safety net
Of our lives?

From home
To work
And back again
Ever indoors
Never being part
Of the world
We inhabited

When shelters were just that
Not a permanent state of being

When did we decide
Being enclosed
Was acceptable

When did we choose
To be apart from nature?
To dominate
Rather than steward
God’s creation?

This is why we struggle
In the comfort
Of our walls
Of brick and stone
Yet flesh and bone
Was not designed
To be confined

My garden
Is how I am
Unkempt, surrounded by grass
And weeds
Yet still
Somehow surviving
Almost thriving

How can I be so comfortable
Making decisions that help others
Yet feel so broken, fragile
And unworthy

In spite of it all

I take comfort
From the fact
The one who made me
Loved me into being
Will protect me
And in time
Bring me home
To Him