Online Crucifixion

How does it happen
Not a word is spoken
Yet an online

What’s the difference?
Between the mocking
Of the baying crowd
At Calvary
And the sniping
On social media?

The victim
The same
The pain
As real

By nameless voices

It’s all too easy
To mock
Behind words
Keyboards and mice
Modern nails

On crosses made
Yet the agony
Is real

Tell me
Would the same
Have happened
If social media
Had been
On Calvary?

Have no conscience
But we do

Virtual assassins
Just as dirty as the real ones
Take a look at ourselves
Would we like it?
Don’t dish out
What you can’t take

Thank God
He doesn’t judge
Pass sentence
With a keyboard
And a mouse

Heal this, Lord
Take us away
To the desert
Of the heart
Speak your love
In our lives

Take away
The knives
The pain
And love us
Once more

One thought on “Online Crucifixion”

  1. Goodness, this poem is needed today. So much hurt happens with the keyboard. Sometimes it’s intentional. Sometimes it isn’t–but because we can’t hear the tone, it causes hurt anyway. “Keyboards Mice Have no conscience But we do.” What if we sent the comment to ourselves first and read it as if it were directed to us? Would we rethink making it public?
    Thanks for the thoughts!

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